Single colour

Single colour

This technique is used when you want to create a colour that is included in the base set of dyes.

  • As always use fresh not hydrated flowers.

  • Use 2.5 grams of the powder. Add this to 300 - 500ml of fresh water to make the dye solution.

  • Cut stems with sharp floral knife.

  • Dip the stems in Alum Powder.

  • Leave the flowers in the dye solution until the desired colour is achieved. Dyeing time depends on type and size of flowers also the number of stems dyed at one time. Typical dye time for bunch of 6 stems is around 5 hours.

  • Remove from the solution. Rinse stems under running water and recut.

  • Place in a vase of fresh water and add flower food.

  • The colour will continue to be absorbed by the petals and will become more evenly spread into the petals.