This is used to create dramatic multi-tone effects. The technique requires experimentation with different flowers, dye solution mixes and dyeing times but the end results are worth all the effort. More colours and more steps can be added. Follow these steps:

  • Once again always use fresh not hydrated flowers.

  • Make first dye solution with 2.5 grams of powdered dye into 300 - 500ml of fresh water.

  • Cut stems with a sharp florist knife.

  • Dip stems in Alum Powder.

  • Put flowers into the dye solution. Leave the flowers in the dye solution until the desired colour is achieved. Dyeing time depends on type and size of flowers also the number of stems dyed at one time. Typical dye time for bunch of 6 stems is around 5 hours.

  • Remove from solution. Rinse dye from stems under running water.

  • Make second dye solution as before but using different colour dye.

  • Recut the stems and dip again in Alum Powder.

  • Place flowers in second dye solution.

  • Leave for 1 to 6 hours until desired effect is achieved.

  • Remove from solution. Rinse stems. Recut and place in fresh water with flower food.

  • The dye will continue to be absorbed into the petals and over a few hours the colours will become more evenly absorbed.