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Alum Powder

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20 grams of powdered Alum Powder.

The key to successful flower dyeing is to ensure that the dye solution is taken quickly up into all parts of the flowers. This can be achieved using a Alum Powder. A coating of Alum on the end of the cut stem will make the flowers drink more of the dye solution.


  1. Cut stem of dehydrated flower/s

  2. Dip stem/s in Alum Powder and shake off any excess

  3. Place flower/s into dye solution as normal

  4. If changing to another dye repeat steps 1 -3

Note: Alum is generally used as a preservative to maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables. However we are only selling this as a flower preservative to improve flower dye solution uptake and therefore do not recommend consumption or any other uses.