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Black flower dye

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  • COLOUR SCHEMES: Our black dye is one of our most versatile colours. Used alone it can create dusty grey flowers through to a deep gothic black.
  • MIX IT UP: Black is a versatile mixer and when added to other dyes can create some stunning combinations or add extra depth to any colour.
  • ADVICE: To create a dark black final effect you need to start with a dark red flower.
  • WHAT YOU GET: A 10 gram pack of biodegradable Black stem absorbed flower dye. 

All our products have been specifically developed for use in the horticultural industry and therefore are of the highest quality available on the market.

We pride ourselves on being 100% Earth friendly so all our products are made using natural ingredients that are 100% biodegradable.

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    Biodegradable Glitter

      Normal glitter is terrible for the environment as most are made from micro plastics that do not degrade and end up in the oceans where they are consumed by plankton, fish and birds. A build up of micro plastics in an animal will be eventually fatal.

      Some research has also found that PET, the plastic most glitter is made from, can break down and release chemicals that can disrupt human and animal hormones.

      Even worse is that some companies are selling misleading glitters that are labelled biodegradable, however they are made from Polylactic Acide, this material can only be biodegraded in an industrial composting machine.

      Our glitter is different! Our glitter is made from a special form of cellulose primarily from eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations. This material possesses excellent eco-credentials, in it being biodegradable in all environments; home compostable, approved soil, wastewater, freshwater and marine biodegradable.

      You can glitter with confidence knowing that you're glittering without the littering!

      Biodegradable Artificial Snow

        The snow is made from Cellulose.

        Cellulose is a substance from a plants cell wall, this can be extracted from renewable plant material to produce the cellulose. Cellulose will biodegrade producing ecotoxicity free biomass (compost), CO2 and H2O. Then these 2 compounds can be combined with sunlight and converted into energy by plants in a process called photosynthesis, resulting in more tree growth which can then be used to produce more bags.

        Real snow doesn't harm the planet and neither does our artificial snow.

        Flower dyes

          All the dyes are water based and are made with natural materials. After use the dyed flowers can be composted normally and the dye will 100% degrade.

          Unused flower dye solution can be disposed of by pouring outside on the earth or poured down the sink.