Alum Powder | Flower Dye Uptake Improver

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The key to successful flower dyeing is to ensure that the dye solution is taken quickly up into all parts of the flowers. This can be achieved using a Alum Powder. A coating of Alum on the end of the cut stem will make the flowers drink more of the dye solution.


  1. Cut stem of dehydrated flower/s

  2. Dip stem/s in Alum Powder and shake off any excess

  3. Place flower/s into dye solution as normal

  4. If changing to another dye repeat steps 1 -3

Note: Alum is generally used as a preservative to maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables. However we are only selling this as a flower preservative to improve flower dye solution uptake and therefore do not recommend consumption or any other uses.

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