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The Flower Lab

Candy Powder | 20 Grams of Coloured Powder in EcoShaker

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Candy Powder is the magic ingredient used to create the coloured sugar coated effect of Sugar Candy Flowers.

  • EASY TO USE: Spray the flowers with water. Either dust or dip the flowers with the powder. Drys hard in 2 minutes. NO GLUE NEEDED.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Specifically developed for use on flowers and plants.
  • MIX IT UP: The Candy Powders can be mixed to create multi-coloured effects.
  • VERSATILE: Candy Powders can be used with any of The Flower Lab's products to create unique floral creations.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from cellulose and the binder is made from starch. The powder consists entirely of natural raw materials, is biodegradable and is therefore not harmful to flowers, plants or the environment.
    Supplied in recyclable shaker pot.