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NEW - Complete Flower Dyeing Kit

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Everything in one box that you need to start dyeing flowers. Includes 10 grams of each of our most popular colours and all the items you need for successful flower dyeing.


8 CUSTOMER FAVOURITE COLOURS, 10 GRAMS EACH: Light Blue, Fire Red, Green, Milka Violet, Black, Brown, Orange, Erika Pink

ALUM POWDER: To improve uptake of the flower dyes

FLOWER FOOD: To keep the flower dye solutions fresh and extend shelf life

SPOON: Long handled spoon for easy measurement and mixing of the dye solutions

INSTRUCTIONS: How to dye flowers useful flower dyeing tips guide


DYE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED: Dye exactly the amount of flowers that you need for an order.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: You can provide flowers in any colour in a short amount of time for all those special customer requests.

ECONOMICAL: Don't overpay for expensive pre-dyed flowers when you can buy white flowers and dye them yourself.

STEM ABSORBED: The flowers will absorb the dye mixed with water through the stems. The flowers starts changing colour within minutes with astonishing results.

BE UNIQUE: All our flower dye colours can be mixed to create your own unique coloured flowers.

ECO FRIENDLY: Made from trees, plants and natural mineral salts which makes them 100% biodegradable.

EASY TO USE: The dye is supplied in a powder form. Simply mix the powder with water to make a coloured dyeing solution.


IMPORTANT: The exact colour effect will vary depending on type of flower and dye concentration. The images here are to give you a guide as to what colour is possible. We recommend experimenting with different dyes and flowers to achieve best results