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Frosty Snow Powder & Glitter

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Creating realistic glistening snow effects has never been easier! The FROSTY SNOW MULTIPACK includes our biodegradable PEARL GLITTER in the "ready to shake" Eco Shaker.

FROSTY SNOW has been specifically developed for creating realistic frosted and snow effects on flowers and plants.

SELF ADHESIVE: Simply spray your products with water and dust the snow powder. The snow will adhere to your products without the need for glue.

NO MIXING: The powder comes ready to use so you can use straight from the container.

FAST DRYING: The snow will dry within 2 minutes to make a strong layer of bright white realistic snow.

BUILDS EASILY: Add in layers to create a lightly frosted effect or build up the layers to make a layer of realistic snow.

RAIN RESISTANT: Once dry the snow is resistant to rain so is perfect for using on work that will be outside, such as door wreathes and outdoor arrangements. 

BIODEGRADABLE: Made from plant based products so will degradable in the natural environment.

GLITTER IT UP: Add the glitter straight after the snow and it will dry with the snow.

NOT JUST FOR FLOWERS: The snow can be used on all your Winter themed craft work.

PLEASE NOTE: Frosty Snow Box Set is available to buy all year. However during Winter season there is high demand and may sell out. The snow and glitter will not go out of date so you can buy now and keep it until you need it.