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Bio Dye Flower Dyes

The dye is supplied in a powder which you mix with water to make a coloured dyeing solution. The flowers will drink the dye solution through the stems. The flowers starts changing colour within minutes. The results are astonishing. All our flower dye colors can be mixed to create your own unique colored flowers.

Our absorbable flower dyes are made from plant sources and are 100% biodegradable .

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Frosty Snow Artificial Snow

Our snow consists entirely of natural raw materials, is biodegradable and is therefore not harmful to flowers, plants and trees.

Our snow can be used for all kind of living horticulture products: flowers, foliage, christmas trees and wreathes. Also suitable for craftwork to create realistic frost and snow effects.

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Eco Glitters

The new biodegradable glitter combines the best of both worlds: bling-bling and eco friendly. It has been developed to tackle plastic pollution created by glitter. Bio glitter is made of natural plant derived materials as its basis rather than plastic. This product quickly biodegrades into harmless substances in the environment.

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Magic Flower Food

Magic flower food is flower food and colour in one. It contains nutrients for the flower and gives colour to the water. It is a must have for everyone that loves to create outstanding floral displays and keep flowers fresher for longer.

We have six colours to choose from in our assortiment.

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Perfect for teaching osmosis

Our flower dyes are ideal for teaching osmosis - how flowers drink water. The dyes are quickly absorbed so that children can see in one lesson exactly how the flower absorbs the dye into the petals.

Click on the button for some advice on using the dyes in lessons.

Flower Dye for Teachers
  • Flower Dye Time Lapse

    Click the link below to watch this cool video recording over 6 hours but reduced to 30 seconds as flowers absorb our flower dye.

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  • How to Dye Flowers

    With our flower dyes it's super easy to colour your own flowers. Click the link below to watch our how to dye flowers video.

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  • Got a Question?

    "How many flowers can I dye with 10 grams of dye powder?"

    You will find the answer to that question and many more on the FAQ's page.

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