Green Business



Flowers and foliage are 100% biodegradable but very often the additional products that added to them are not. Plastics, metals, toxic chemicals and paints are a few examples of non biodegradable products that can be found in florist products.

We believe that this is unacceptable.

So we have sourced flower enhancing products that are BIODEGRADABLE IN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. This means that our products will degrade WITHOUT THE NEED TO BE INDUSTRIALLY PROCESSED which is very different to natural biodegrading.

So, when you or your customer disposing of the finished floral design it can be composted as green waste and will degrade naturally - just like flowers would normally.

So as an eco-conscious flower designer you can create beautiful floral designs in the knowledge that your work is Earth friendly!

Below you can read more about our Earth friendly products.


We only sell Bioglitter®. This is the World's leading eco-friendly glitter brand.

  • Biodegradability: Biodegrades in the natural environment; tested using ISO 14851 for freshwater biodegradation; 87% biodegradation achieved in 28 days.  Only 3% off meeting the performance criteria required for certification.  As we remove the last of the plastic, biodegradability performance will increase allowing us to achieve our certification goal. 
  • Plastic Content: 8%
  • Environmental Safety (Ecotoxicity): Ecotoxicity and heavy metals test results for Bioglitter® Sparkle meet the Environmental safety and Chemical characteristics requirements for OK biodegradable WATER certification.
  • Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials:  Special cellulose core derived from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus, sustainably sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.

BioDye Flower Dyes

    All the dyes are water based and are made with natural materials. After use the dyed flowers can be composted normally and the dye will 100% degrade.

    Unused flower dye solution can be disposed of by pouring outside on the earth or poured down the sink.

    EcoSnow Artificial Snow

      The snow is made from Cellulose.

      Cellulose is a substance from a plants cell wall, this can be extracted from renewable plant material to produce the cellulose. Cellulose will biodegrade producing ecotoxicity free biomass (compost), CO2 and H2O. Then these 2 compounds can be combined with sunlight and converted into energy by plants in a process called photosynthesis, resulting in more tree growth which can then be used to produce more bags.