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BioDye Flower Dye | 50g Biodegradable Stem Absorbed Flower Dye

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DYE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED: Dye exactly the amount of flowers that you need for an order.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: You can provide flowers in any colour in a short amount of time for all those special customer requests.

MAXIMUM PROFIT: Don't overpay for expensive pre-dyed flowers when you can buy white flowers and dye them yourself.

STEM ABSORBED: The flowers will absorb the dye mixed with water through the stems. The flowers starts changing colour within minutes with astonishing results.

BE UNIQUE: All our flower dye colours can be mixed to create your own unique coloured flowers.

ECO FRIENDLY: Made from trees, plants and natural mineral salts which makes them 100% biodegradable.

EASY TO USE: The dye is supplied in a powder form. Simply mix the powder with water to make a coloured dyeing solution.

FREE SPOON: For easy dye measurement all dye orders include a free measuring / mixing spoon.

INSTRUCTIONS: Free 'How to Dye Flowers' guide included with every order.

IMPORTANT: The exact colour effect will vary depending on type of flower and dye concentration. The images here are to give you a guide as to what colour is possible. We recommend experimenting with different dyes and flowers to achieve best results.


Q. Is this food colouring?

A. No. This is commercially produced flower dye that is used by European flower dye companies.


Q. I am not a florist. Can I still buy your flower dye?

A. Yes. The flower dye is also suitable for hobby flower dyeing.


Q. How many flowers can I dye??

A. The powder is sold in 50 gram containers. It is highly concentrated so only a small amount of dye is required. The dye solution can be reused so it is possible to dye a large amount of flowers. Depending on the type of flowers used it is possible to dye approximately 1000 stems with 50 grams of powder.


Q. Can I dye any flower?

A. Yes but some flowers are easier to dye than others. Favourites to dye are carnations, chrysanthemums, germinis and some roses. The best roses to dye need to have a compact head.


Q. What colour flowers can I dye?

A. A white or light coloured flower is best as this is similar to a 'blank canvas' however some amazing effects can be created by dyeing other coloured flowers.


Q. Is the dye harmful?

A. No. The dyes are water based and made from tree and plant products.


Q. How do I dispose of the dye?

A. The dyes are environmentally friendly and can be poured away into soil or down the sink.