Flower Dye

DYE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED: Dye exactly the amount of flowers that you need for an order.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: You can provide flowers in any colour in a short amount of time for all those special customer requests.

ECONOMICAL: Don't overpay for expensive pre-dyed flowers when you can buy white flowers and dye them yourself.

STEM ABSORBED: The flowers will absorb the dye mixed with water through the stems. The flowers starts changing colour within minutes with astonishing results.

UNIQUE COLOURS: All our flower dye colours can be mixed to create your own unique coloured flowers.

ECO FRIENDLY: Made from entirely from trees, plants and natural mineral salts which makes them 100% biodegradable.

EASY TO USE: The dye is supplied in a powder form. Simply mix the powder with water to make a coloured dyeing solution. Take a look here: